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Contributions to SSCMA are welcome! We welcome contributions of any kind, including but not limited to:

  • Fixing bugs

    The steps for fixing code implementation errors are as follows:

    If the submitted code changes are large, it is recommended to submit an issue first, and correctly describe the phenomenon of the issue, the cause and the way to reproduce it, and discuss and confirm the fixing plan.

    Fix the bug and add the corresponding unit test, and submit the pull request.

  • New feature or component

    If a new feature or module involves large code changes, it is recommended to submit an issue first to confirm the necessity of the feature.

    Implement the new feature, add unit tests, and submit a pull request.

  • Documentation additions

    Fix the documentation to submit a pull request directly.

    The steps to add documentation or translate it into another language are as follows.

    Submit an issue to confirm the need to add the documentation.

How to Contribute

Please refer to the Github Documentation - Collaborating.

Commit Style

We recommend that you follow the following authoring principles when writing your commit, as this will make our project cleaner and easier to iterate.

build: build related changes
chore: typo fixes, library updates, etc.
ci: continue integration related changes
deps: dependencies update
docs: docs related changes
feat: new feactures
fix: fix issues
perf: add perf results
refactor: refactor components
revert: undo some changes
style: code style changes
test: test cases changes

Permissions Section

After a contribution is submitted, you agree to the project's License.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License